How Is Everyone Doing Post FB/IG Outage?

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    James kicks off the weekend asking Ian Karmel about he and his fiancé's trip to Disneyland, which sparks a big discussion about what adults can and cannot do at the park. And how do we all feel about not having Facebook and Instagram for a few hours?

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    1. The Late Late Show with James Corden

      Use me as the "James is wrong about Disneyland" button

      1. TrueSake

        I say if you're an adult and taken pictures with Disney characters, tweet them to James, show him that it is normal, there's NOTHING weird about it. #JamesIsWrongAboutDisney

      2. Kelly Mitchell

        You are wrong about Halloween. My oldest will never 27 on October 30th and she wears cat ears yearly and Halloween is worse

      3. Ram Samudrala

        @Sheena Martin All these talk show hosts, and all these entertainers are actors performing with lots of money at stake. Who they are IRL is something we don't know (unless you know them personally). I've met several personally (I used to do interviews/reviews on my site) and they run the gamut of being some of the salt of the earth types to total a-holes at least in the brief encounters I had with them. Most are average (i.e., they follow a normal distribution). I can guarantee however it is quite rare to to see the public persona mesh with the private one. See what people found out about Ellen for instance. I'm not saying she was bad, but that people don't know the real person and the one on TV is a front.

      4. BLINK & ARMY

        I hate you so much james corden. He spoke rudely to BTS and fans. Do you know? None of what you said is true😏😏

      5. Peeka Xu

        @Brett Fleiner 1000% agree and then some😁😁😁

    2. kristin1980uk

      Adele and Coldplay releasing new music in the same week… just waiting for the Beatles now lol

    3. Ben Cragg

      Why no more Guillermo swingers jokes? Is it because he has a bairn now?

    4. Jake Peters

      People who have done a week of shows. Shawn Mendes: Canadian Harry Styles: English Naill Horan: Irish Ed Sheeran: English Lorde: Kiwi Coldplay: British Just an observation I noticed. James likes international artists.

    5. jedidiah M

      Ian was on fire this episode haha

    6. Doug Thomson

      Oh, James, you’ve got to get in touch with your inner child.

    7. Laughter Talks

      James you act like you're 10, WTF are you talking about? You're one of the most immature people on TV!

    8. Kelly Mitchell

      My daughter's bday is October 30th She loves Halloween and she is going to 27. I myself have broken 12 in 2 years. I wish I was her age? Btw donate to the crohns and ulcerative colitis foundation. I have crohns and there are worse people off. Thank you

    9. Daisy Wanjiru Gichuka

      Well, I think it's good for you to know back here in Kenya people can't wait to get their videos to watch their weddings.

    10. Julia Fernandez-Monge

      Clearly you didn’t grow up with Disney characters beside you… I would like to see you at Disneyland doing a show

    11. Jay Benson

      I can't stop laughing 😆 at the nose jokes lmfaa

    12. Josephyne Alvarez

      I wouldn’t go to a wedding where they’re charged per slice. If you’re that broke then maybe you should have a big wedding lol

    13. Butter Muffin

      I agree with everyone. We lost the magic, can't hear the news jingle anymore.

    14. K Reid

      Not your best look shaming adults at Disney world.

    15. Jude Jane

      Yeah!! Ian and the corn dog!! The Internet went out and next morning, my Instagram froze on Ian and his corndoggy!!

    16. Cassidy Childress

      Forget what James says. Some of us had to grow up too soon and deal with trauma too early. If you get the chance to let your inner child out, please do it. Take the pictures with Mickey at 35, sing with Balou at 50, let your soul be happy.

    17. Gunita Mateusa

      Am I the only one who liked shows without audiance šo much better?

    18. Ellen from Oregon

      This is my last night watching this program. It got me through covid but the audience reduces it to not worth watching. Thanks and good bye.

    19. Shravani K.

      I think being grown up having shit to deal with everyday is all the good reason to have fun at disney. I wouldn't really judge anyone. do what you like

    20. Shravani K.

      I am happy Ian had best time

    21. Michael Lasota

      Coldplay? Skip.

    22. Ram Samudrala

      I'm a huge Disney fan from the days of the comics, Carl Barks, Don Rosa, the Italian artists, life and times of Scrooge McDuck (one of my favourite characters in fiction), etc. and even though the Disney corporation has really jumped multiple sharks multiple times, the "magic" I feel at age 50 is the same as when I was a kid and I still read the comics, etc. Of course, Disney is more than these original characters and there's Star Wars and Marvel now which I also like but the simple magic of these Barks-created characters is why I'll never be old enough. I think it's telling, if an adult can't enjoy Disney World by themselves, about their inner child. Give me Tom Waits' lyrics over Corden's rants... (serious or not in both cases). And all these other followers of the herd just clap along...

      1. Ram Samudrala

        @Sunday Oliver Agreed!

      2. Sunday Oliver

        Another Scrooge McDuck fan! They are far and few between, seems like!

    23. not me

      Coldplay won't perform. Wait and see...

    24. Eleanor Williams

      Reggie’s dream DisneyLand is my dream DisneyLand 👌🏼😎 I also like James’ opinion on Halloween and DisneyLand, I support ya James🤣🙌🏼

    25. Michele Falvo

      I ABSOLUTELY just ordered the Bark Ghost Face. $20 to make my neighbors look twice is gold!

    26. Sex Coach Adeline

      No one breaks your dreams of being a kid again at Disneyland like James Corden. I had my picture taken with Winnie the Pooh and I do not regret it at all

    27. Ciara Gallagher

      Grew up poor as dirt and worked my butt and can only now finally afford to do things I always wanted to do like Disneyland, just for people to shit all over it..

    28. MaraMara89

      I really think that story with face was more like: Boss: "Does anyone have idea what we can do with that 300000 wooden dildos noone is buying?" Employee: "I have an idea... it would be perfect for Halloween" XD

    29. HDgodfrey

      I never thought I'd hear James advocate for the murder of someone's inner child. Your a giant infant and that's why your so beloved, adults absolutely get to act like kids in Disney parks!

    30. Janelle Coleman

      The Disneyland comments were really out of touch… James Corden is a comedy host who goofs off for a living… who the heck is he to judge other adults indulging themselves and just having fun at a literal amusement park?

    31. Just going places

      James is a troll... have fun at Disneyland that's the place to be a child again. And it's so much nostalgia for anyways. Just stfu James.

    32. Kacey Staller

      🌹🔮👽read til end.. I love James but what's interesting to me is that he complains about adults going to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Yet he was in CATS! Also a huge Broadway fan! Dresses up all the time as Characters but wants to say sh*t about Disney! 😅 Still love ya, James ✌ My opinion on the FB/IG outage- I didn't even know til my neighbor told me. LoL honestly I think(know) us humans would be perfectly fine without social media. I miss the "old school" days of just calling people on landlines(I'm sure new generation doesn't know about) and waiting to see if they're home. If not, we found outdoor things to do (ya know) til we heard back from them. #missthosedays #bringitback #nostalgia

    33. Shawn

      9:40 sounds like a wedding of poor people

    34. Lieke

      Disney is will always be fun! Doesn’t matter how old you are. We are planning a family trip to Disney world with the family and I’m the youngest (20)

    35. rad iohead

      grow up? bruh you stopped los angeles traffic to jerk in a rabbit suit

    36. Zachary Ward

      Soooooo is the crew just gone now? Where’s Pete :(

    37. amcdonald10

      Bring back talks with the crew! I miss Susan and Nick and Rob and Steve's news jingles!

    38. Amy Anderson

      I agree. I hate amusement parks. The lines, the crying children, the rides that make wanna puke or pass out (or both)...I'm all set. However I don't begrudge any person who likes all that.

    39. Ziad Kaluf

      I didnt have ANY problem with gmail at all mkay;)

    40. Cotey Ventura

      4:36 can we talk about this camerawork/booth management? They know the established joke about Guillermo being a swinger, so when James makes the husband/wife and woody comment, the camera switches to Guillermo, even though James didn't mention him. Brilliant!

    41. Red Peony

      Why is no-one talking about the obvious solution to Big Tech? Democratisation! We need a tax on Big Tech in the form of Universal Basic Shares, so that over time, we will all own the AI that otherwise will replace us anyway. Unaddressed, AI will take everyone's jobs. Turning Big Tech taxes into shares for everyone, turns everyone into a shareholder with a democratic vote on our future.

    42. Ramona Rounds

      I Want to hear the news jingles! Or, it's not really the news

    43. Jaded Kate

      haha CC strikes again "You went to Digs Knee land" also, I went with my sister & husband & little niece and we waited for her to take pics with Mickey & Minnie but they were not going to take a picture of all of us, they just took one of my niece. I was like "I want a pic with Minnie too" but they were already leaving. Those two are such a buzzkill.

    44. Holly MACINTYRE


    45. Sarah M

      0:15 Anyone else secretly hoped he was going to say there would be no live audience for that week? 🙋🏻‍♀️

    46. kimberly cornelius

      Who in the hell wants a second slice of wedding cake they are horrible stale beautiful but tasteless

    47. Ichijo Festival

      Ehhh... Not sure how I close to the same page I am with the commenters on this one. Just wondering how this would play out if we swapped "Disneyland" for "McDonald's ball pit."

    48. Peeka Xu

      WHERE IS MY NEWS JINGLE...🤔🤔🤔☹☹☹

    49. Rick Gamble

      Watching Tuesday you finally figured out that we don't care about the audience or guests. We care about your crew because that's funny. All of them.

    50. Jedii Kniight

      Lol the audience is clapping, but the disney shoe fit them very well I bet

    51. Angel castro

      I had absolutely No idea about this outage LOL

    52. maryhazlett

      I think that guy who quit last week who's had to deal with penis blurring quit just in time. (was it just me or did that tree-face have a super big smile? Yes, I did notice...)

    53. YeeSoest

      10:20 Can I see it?!?! I feel like I can smell it...

    54. David Felipe Carvajal González

      Just wow, this was so impressive and amazing, as great as watching this fat, gay man with his crew eating at domino's

    55. Simone Gellie

      Read a book, like an idiot. 😂

    56. Glyn Taylor

      I loved the Brian Branston joke

    57. Glyn Taylor

      Live and let live. If you like Disney land then you go have fun, ignore the judgemental haters, you're the one having fun, they're not

    58. Daniel Gregory

      The happiest place on earth...that's how Walt designed it!! For all ages--no one is left out.... Wrong, James!!🤗🇺🇸

    59. Stephen M

      Even James Corden knows no one wants to hear a fucking peep from Coldplay. Would rather hear Reggie riff. This show is better without an audience, they laugh through the punchlines the crew know when to shut up so james can get momentum for a shit joke.

    60. ThomThom

      James, there's a difference b/n childish and childlike. You're usually the latter. But on the Disney question, you're the former. Ask an adult to figure out what I mean by that.

    61. Peter Bathum

      so tru, Hadassah, once you make it over 50 you've earned the right to do whatever the heck you want ... James , you may have had a crack at all you wanted as a kid but some of us didn't and are still kids at any age, and want more of experiences that dont fit most peoples expectations. Although I cant see going to disney land, unless it were with my grandkids. and great sharing of the group think on things; as ever, your enjoyment and discussion are appreciated especially since we all sort of know you all better from the deep dives into peoples bizness during the lockdown period.

    62. Sheyla Madera

      I will hug Mickey until I’m 84. Period.

    63. Shannon Graham

      “Grow up!” Says the guy who has guests eat bull testicles. Love you James.

    64. facey Kad

      just like a KFC whistleblower confesses "ppl will love it if our food is more greasy". i dont get why its so controversy 🤦🏻‍. i use FB and i know what im getting🤷🏻‍♂

    65. Emmanuela Emejuru

      You don't need to read a book just to fill in time, Hagar. You could compose some music or play old tunes too

    66. Braeside Bikes

      screw Disney. terrible company with terrible policies

    67. KWXNII

      The Disney so awkward

    68. Not2Old4TEch

      I have a new benchmark for sexy...Hagar!

    69. Yalonda Howell

      That tree face is hilarious you guys are hilarious love the show guys😂😂💕💕💖💖👍👍👍🤣🤣 thank you!! And as for Disneyland for adults some people have it on their bucket's list to do....🥺🥺🥺

      1. Beth Wiggins

        I do or Disney world and am so lucky to be a mom to be able to play at parks, go trick or treating and go to Disney one day hopefully as I've never been! it's been top of my bucket list since I was 10, I turn 38 in 2 days and I'm still waiting to go just difficult as a single mom of 2 in md living off an extremely limited budget.

    70. Collin McLean

      It doesn't even look vaguely like one. It looks exactly like one! It has a head and veins!

    71. Eileen Barrett

      James, how disappointing to hear you dis adults at Disney. Don't expect us to lose the child in us.

    72. Gus Posey

      Why are you pretending that Facebook is anything but evil?

    73. Agnes Lo

      I've never disagreed so hard with James before. Disneyland is for everyone. There's no age limit on fun!

      1. Stephen M

        Go to six flags like a grown up.

    74. Linda Sussman

      I hate that there is an audience, the show became mediocre .

    75. oilerfreak

      Yet you dress up like them and sing "happy" songs dude, seriously?! Hypocritical much.

    76. Loose Connection

      3.5 trillion over 10 years = 350 billion vs. The military budget of 768 billion x 10 years = 7.7 trillion. Please understand the difference and what is important.

    77. Vivs Reds

      I have to say it again, the interaction with the crew makes the show so much better

    78. Roxane Ornelas

      Disney is a happy place for adults too, it’s still for me even having a grown child too 🤦🏻‍♀️ you’re not born and raised in So Cal and don’t understand our love for it. You made Ian feel like he was a creeper too! You just don’t understand *o* Ian, go as much as you like. There are more adults than children there.

    79. GILLIAN Muspic

      I love it when James does his puppy head tilt

    80. iris cali


    81. Aronda Jackson

      I had no Idea about that..I am not always on those apps.

    82. Aronda Jackson

      You should always be a kid at heart...their is always someone older than you.

    83. Im Right U’re Wrong

      Let us mourn the fact we will never hear anymore news music intros thanks to the audience annoying claps. It’s over. Pack up and go home

    84. Tiger Lily

      Honestly Facebook and Zuckerman in particular need a freaking overhaul

    85. Suzan Douglass

      Considering all the "adulting" required to make the money to afford going to Disneyland, let your inner child rock. James is wrong.

      1. Trish Keller

        Perfectly said

    86. Ratish KP

      you are wrong James Corden, adults taking picture with characters are folks who are still Young at heart 😆

    87. Jithin Jacob

      British panel show audiences are much better. They don't clap every time someone breathes. It's so annoying. I'm giving the show another week and if things remain the same, I'm going to have to say goodbye and just stick with Seth Myer's Corrections, the last refuge from the annoying audience and Myers has said that Corrections will never have an audience.

      1. Jithin Jacob

        @Sunday Oliver I know they used to do that. But I would have thought the people behind the show would know where to tell the audience to clap and not to clap. The pre-audience format really worked. It the person controlling the applause button doesn't know the show, get someone who does.

      2. Sunday Oliver

        At live broadcasts in Hollywood they used to have signage for the audience to react -- clap, laugh, etc -- it was part of the deal of being on the show live. I suspect it's still happening. And I'm with you. I have stopped watching shows that had a laugh track every 3 lines, because constant interruptions just make a show seem choppy --- you lose the narrative.

    88. Jithin Jacob

      Corden has a made a name for the show for the music industry. No other show gives a platform for a artists like the Late Late Show.

    89. MK Genest

      We need to have a Special at some point with an intervention, where he gets brought to Disneyland and discovers the magic and ends up taking pictures with all the characters, goes on every ride, and apologizes to the nation.

    90. Garrett Flores

      I literally disliked this video because of how James talked about Disney Adults.

    91. Garrett Flores

      Screw James on this one; we’ve had SUCH a terrible couple of years, if going to any Disney park makes an adult happy, DO IT.

      1. Garrett Flores

        @Lynette Burston mind your own damn business and leave me alone.

      2. Lynette Burston

        Accept a "jab" and get on with it.😂😂

    92. nun ya

      I'm basking in peoples frustration over social media.

    93. M Long

      I wasn't going to say anything, but James's Disneyland comments really bugged me; and I'm going to leave it at that. I'm glad Ian had a good time.

      1. udaybajoria

        And he just wouldn't stop!

      2. Stephanie Probst

        James: "You're 37, you shouldn't be taking a photo with a person in a character suit. Just grow up!" Cut to pic of James in his "Cats" suit. I guess it's only ok, if you're the one in the suit.

      3. Shaun Mattingly

        Totally agree. Let people have their little joys in this hellscape of a timeline.

      4. Rose Madder

        I am SO glad u said something. This cracked me up 😂😂🤣🤣 Omg

    94. MizzouPatriot 88

      When you don't fuck with social media so you had no idea there was even an outtage 😂😂😂😂

    95. Allison Hampton

      Thanks a lot for making me feel weird and judged about going to Disneyland without children. What you are failing to realize is that many of us who enjoy Disneyland as adults may have suffered a lot of trauma as children and use the park as a way of healing. But, yea...thanks for dissing me. Suuuuuuuuuper funny.

    96. MsXtine

      Why sounding so Judjy to those people who wants to take photos with Mickey thats the reason to be in Disneyland to be a Kid again …

    97. big bruiser

      Fb got vaxed. Its dead or dying now. Whole internet soon to follow

    98. Kate Cosette

      Steve's moment keeps getting ruined🥺

    99. IkonGod

      40 years old and I have just heard "snake in my boots" for the first time!

    100. Catherine Sherratt

      Omg Jamie Lee Curtis at the end ?! 😍😍😍😍😍