US Curling Team vs. Late Late Show All Stars

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    James and a rag-tag group of Late Late Show staffers head down to the Southern California Curling Center to learn about the iconic winter sport from Olympic Gold Medalist John Shuster and then face off against Team USA's finest curlers - all while staying toasty warm in the latest gear from Columbia Sportswear.

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    1. alittlegreenjean

      are they on a break again?

    2. I Y Bryant

      This is hysterical! 😂😂😂 LOVE IT! LOVE CURLING! Go Team USA! 🇺🇸😊

    3. Thomas Groeschel

      😂😂😂😂😂 I was crackin up

    4. Benjamin Whyte

      Gotta rate the underdogs 💪🏿😂

    5. Brooklyn Curling Center

      Good curling, Corden team!

    6. CazMarie Hair Styling

      Please go ice skating with the team James ⛸

    7. Ishmael Thompson

      I honestly didn't realize that Guillermo was that giant of a man.

    8. line brunelle

      as a Canadian, I'm roaring seeing them on the ice. omg thank you for the laughs

    9. Jude Jane

      The drummer!!🥁 Too hot for the ice!!🔥

    10. S Nob

      That was super fun. But what about the CRUISE??? 🛳️

    11. EnderZ13

      Great Commercial ^_^

    12. E

      The audience even ruins pre-taped stuff!!! WTF.

    13. 28- 3


    14. Val F

      How the fuck did they win omg

    15. Tae Tae

      Fake guy..#Boycott_James

    16. John Drake

      Julius Jones murdered Paul Howell. 🦘

    17. Tyro Cyr


    18. Frank Rizzo

      Love Susan's R-rated mouth! lol


      I love this crew!! Well done!!

    20. YeeSoest

      Too bad Team Late Late Show didn't have the - and I quote - "blue stones" to play with ;)

    21. crystal harris


    22. Txaj Fwv channel

      Hello brother, I'm glad to see you and see you in the kitchen because it's so much fun, it makes me so happy 💖👋🇻🇳

    23. Imran Khan

      Its my birthday on Oct 1 and also when he said were going to go on ice lmaooo

    24. asdf jkl:

      This looks soooo fun. Can civilians buy these sets? I'd like them for family get togethers in the snow. And this was a fun skit too. Glad the crew is still "starring" with James in the skits. They've become stars in their own right in front of the camera. People want to see them too. James has blazed a new trail in America's late night show format, and all this, a result of 2020's quarantine. I don't know, seems like he should get some kind of credit for that, like an award or something. This crew sustained many of us through isolation, insecurity, and loneliness. Their commaraderie brought us warmth and laughter during a cold, scary year, like they were our little human fireplace. Thanks James, thanks crew. 👍👏👏👏

    25. Linda Ward

      l didn't realize how tall Guillermo is - he's always sitting down. ☮

    26. Aromal V K

      James Corden is really good at doing ads in his segments.

    27. gigi ́s little shop

      Can we submit this segment to the Emmys for "Best of the Best Late Shows". You're the best!!!❤❤❤

    28. Shenelle George

      Can’t believe this is a sport

      1. asdf jkl:

        Curling equipment is going to sell out now, lol

    29. Barnaclebeard

      Doesn't advertiser subsidized content have to be flagged on HRaero?

      1. asdf jkl:

        The Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming, West Coast, approved it, so surely it must be ok. 😂

    30. Barnaclebeard

      "I don't really care about curling. I'm just in it for OUR SPONSOR." NO FUCKING SHIT. There's the whole segment summed up.

    31. Innie Inturn

      lol.. as a competitive curler in my younger life, pre-knee replacements, this warmed my heart! Love the sport at a club level - you play with kids as young as 10 and people as old as in their 80's, and it's all about having fun and sportsmanship. In what other sport do the winners have to buy drinks for the losers? Miss it!

    32. Kelly Sandy

      JC: Let's curl one out - Typical British Humour 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. peachesandpoets

      For Guillermo to take a rest from swinging to come and do this, he needs more points

      1. Ade R


    34. Sara J Shireman

      This was so fun! It feels good to laugh.

    35. Yuumain

      I only watch this on HRaero but my Dad does live: Similar to Guillermo, when my dad mentioned them "Curling" I thought he meant weight lifting lol

    36. ummm drew

      very good... almost forgot it was a columbia ad

    37. Charlie Chassis

      Censor LOUD....Surprise!!!!!!!

    38. Tammy Cook

      That was absolutely hilarious 😂

    39. Hermes

      That was fun James, thanks for the laughs!

    40. mildred

      SWEEEPP!!! So happy the team won!! Love the Gang!

    41. Curcuma Organica

      Love you so much, guys. You're funny af ❤🤣

    42. kathy bell

      Great! And knowing the team members made it so much fun!

    43. Rachel Lynn Sebastian - Trance Medium & Shaman

      I love this SO much. The announcer did a fantastic voiceover. Great work Team Late Late!

    44. Teresa Struyk

      So freaking funny

    45. Im Right U’re Wrong

      This was such a satisfying win. To beat an Olympic team gold winner at their sport. Nothing can be more satisfying and humiliating than that. Love it

      1. Im Right U’re Wrong

        @Rodney Hickman why would you assume they didn’t

      2. Rodney Hickman

        The editing was really good . Made them look like they really made those shots . Lol

    46. Michael Harper

      Has to hurt spending all that time practicing curling just to get beat by noobs. What a game lol. Not possible in golf.

      1. Rodney Hickman

        It was edited to be fun . It's impossible for that to actually happen . Wasn't even the standard number of rocks thrown in 1 end

    47. HKHippie

      😂😂Blatant advertising.. Nice work

    48. David Flinn

      Shuster is skinny now

    49. crazy dominoes

      Are we in nature wtf why can't people just say outside. Did anyone else watch that filthy worthless millenial ad for stupidness.

    50. Benzaiten

      Susan: Sweep, you bastards! I so love this was done with the Late Late staff and not celebrities.

    51. Ellie Wilkinson

      yes winnie! #1 on the ice and #1 in our hearts

    52. Penny Comeau

      As a curling guys did a pretty damn good job lol

    53. J M

      1) Who the heck came up with this game? 2) How on Earth the Olympic committee decided to include it in the Games?

      1. argyllbob

        It’s also a great sport when played for real. Check for a curling club in your area and give it a try - we’re always looking for new players..

      2. cawley

        It's over 500 years old. The Scots created it and it's a descendant of bocce which the Romans created about 3,000 years ago. It was a demo sport in 1932 which is older than some well established winter sports.

    54. youwantedtoseethecat?🌞


    55. kim preap

      commentator missed opportunity....should've said "does corden have the stones to carry his team to victory"

    56. Tristen Gargano

      I lived in the same town as Matt and Becca Hamilton for a looooong time (they were also regulars at the restaurant I worked at). They have made us so proud to represent this great country!

    57. Maxwell

      Did I just watch a ten minute add for Columbia?

      1. Curcuma Organica

        Yep 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Amara Emme

      We need a Corden staff x Conan staff crossover match

    59. John Edward Jones

      Columbia Omni Heat works and is stylish. Fun segment. Hilarious 😂

    60. Method Atlas

      This needs to be a skit on All Elite Wrestling.. The Elite v Dark Order in curling. Someone Tweet Tony Khan and Kenny Omega.

    61. Peter Stiff

      *I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you really want financial freedom....*

      1. Frizzle the Cat

        Wow. This must be the best person to handle my investments, since so many random people, totally not at all connected to each other and absolutely not made by the same 'person' (aka: bot) atall! I'll go and throw all my inheritance at them! Anyone up for taking 2000000000000000000 dollars and investing them? Just give me the bank-account, I'll just wire it over. totally trustworthy. My Nigerian husband said it's definitely fine.

      2. Lionel Carlos

        Seeing alot of successstories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

      3. Bababin Bobrik

        Real estate investment is so less profitable to investors as crypto trading

      4. Benjamin walker

        @George Humphrey Thanks , placing my trade with expert Michael Wayne ASAP

      5. George Humphrey


    62. leadspot

      I want more Guillermo in comedy sketches

    63. Workingto Seethelight

      You Sleazy Bastards, I knew you could do it !!!

    64. Simone

      Love love love this crew inclusion. Makes for a great show. :)

    65. Leightnite!


    66. Curling LA

      Great showing team! Welcome back any time!

    67. Chris Bode

      Every curler watching this is thinking, "GET YOUR BODY OFF THE ICE!" But, a nice commercial for Columbia Sportswear.

      1. Rodney Hickman

        Every curler is looking at the posts that people actually think that was a real end and a noob team could beat national team players .

      2. Karen Willough

        Nick must be happy-a legit plug.

      3. Jay Boaz

        And to not ride the rocks!

      4. cawley

        I always yell, "Get your hot ass off my pebble!!!"

    68. Bonnie Jackson

      Now that was funny! Well done team 😊

    69. Chili Puff

      No other late night show where the audience knows everybody involved in its production... More of a late night sitcom than anything 😄 We love you guys! 💜💜💜

      1. Amara Emme

        @Brock Albert conannnn

      2. Brock Albert

        Letterman and Conan often featured band members, writers, producers, staffers, etc. in their bits. Seth Meyers regularly includes writers, producers, cue-card Wally, etc.--even before the pandemic. This isn't a new concept. David Letterman was the pioneer of featuring regular people who worked on his show. Conan featured his personal assistant so often she now co-hosts his podcast. Conan's segments with staffer Jordan Schlansky were iconic. I love what Corden is doing, but let's not pretend it's an original idea.

    70. Julie Wood


    71. Eric Piche

      Shoutout Duluth Minnesota!

    72. Teddy Bearington III


    73. specialpatrolgroup92

      Let's curl one out :)

    74. meme GOD

      if any of you need a job.... i own a cleaning company

    75. Adriene Cabalinan


    76. maria


    77. Jeanine Manzano

      You guys are the dream team! I hadn’t laughed this hard in a long long time!

    78. Laurie Cook

      One of the best Late Late Show bits ever!

    79. Cookies

      Go Lawrence and yes Guillermo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️😊 all the people of this team are my faves ! And hey I just saw the comercial for these jackets!

    80. Shelby Zealand

      Winnie's dressed like my ACNH character.😄 Love it!

    81. xothenaa parraga

      that was incredible 😍

    82. eLLe Booggie

      THIS MADE MY F***ING DAY !!!!!!!!

    83. ugaas foodey

      To be sincerely speaking in my humble opinion without being sentimental and of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my opinion but rather looking into this serious matter with perspective distinction and without condemning anyone's point of view, i honestly think and believe that i have nothing to say. Thank you.....

      1. Venus Aurore


    84. UniversityLongboarding

      When is the spin off movie about this bit coming out. Honestly shocked that happened.

    85. hhunstad2011

      Love this, taking the crew out for a bit. I'd rather see them then a bunch of celebrities!

    86. martin johnstone

      It's not Synchronised Swimming (SNL -look it up) but this is great stuff.

    87. karon mcgregor

      Nick should have been on the team - or are they giving him a pass after being the best late night horse jockey ever. And, what a brilliant way to advertise a product rofl

    88. NJCUJan

      Susan’s right. She does look good in that jacket. 🧥

      1. Benzaiten

        yeah but Susan looks good in anything.

    89. Stacey Janeway

      Curling is one of my favorite sports! Thanks James!

    90. Dave Cradle

      The US Curling team has won 26 National Championships? The US team won the US Nationals. A competition only open to the US was won by the US team? Yeah... Well done... :-D

      1. argyllbob

        These USA players normally play for several different teams in different divisions of the sport (men, women, wheelchair, mixed doubles) The 26 championships are the total won by the people who played in this video, while playing against the other top USA teams. This video was for fun - if you watch two top teams playing for real, it’s a game of great strategy and precise shotmaking.

      2. Very Varley

        They always do well in baseball at the WORLD series as well. I suppose it is no different from Mr Universe always coming from Earth.

    91. Bigby O'Shaunessy

      Great advertising!

    92. Brian Scott

      My ribs still hurt. He's fn great.



    94. Isa Fisch

      It's weird them doing product placement wothout making fun of it

    95. Isa Fisch

      The unpaid parking tickets are all Susans

    96. Winston P.

      Man, bits like this make me miss the shenanigans they get into on ALOTO.

      1. asdf jkl:

        @Winston P. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a fun show. I'm glad James has brought a (mostly unscripted--?) "panel format" to America's late night programming. It's a lot of fun.

      2. Ade R

        I know! I miss James as the host so much 😭

      3. Winston P.

        @Luke Naoumovitch A League Of Their Own. It's a British Sports/Comedy Panel Show that James had hosted for years before. It's got two teams that battle for points by answering sports trivia or by doing actual sport/random challenges (some of which James joins in on). Challenges include driving F1 race cars, taking penalty shots/saving penalty shots, rowing, cricket, rugby, flying planes, jumping off of planes, synchronised swimming, diving, golf, speed skating, etc. But as much as their show is about sports, it's also about the banter between everyone. From team captains (Freddie and Jamie), to regulars (like Jack or Romesh), to the rotation of guests (actual athletes and comedians) they have can expect chaotic banter in each and every episode. I'd reckon almost 80% of the show is just banter! If you love the audience-less LLS, then I believe you'd find a lot to like with ALOTO. It's one of the reasons why, despite audiences reappearing here, I have confidence that this lot can still pull it off (just because ALOTO was filmed with an even bigger audience). Also, if you just want to see a bunch of guys having fun outside the studio much like this segment, you can check out their roadtrips. The US ones have James, Freddie, Jamie, and Jack on...and has also been somewhat featured on the LLS (that video about kicking a field goal? yep, these guys did that as well). Now, they've also tried to bring the show to the US ("Game On"). I can't speak much about how that show goes as I haven't seen it but I believe it follows the format and has Keegan-Michael Key, Gronk, Venus Williams, AND Ian Karmel as their core crew. Apologies for the long-winded answer but I just really love that show 😂

      4. Luke Naoumovitch

        What is that?

    97. Michaela b

      A League of Their Own really trained james well for this. i almost forgot what show i was watching, he slipped back into that role so effortlessly

      1. Winston P.

        My thoughts exactly! I was half expecting Jamie, Freddie, and Jack to pile up on James after that last stone. Truly wished he was still hosting the show but Romesh seems to be holding down the fort well now. I can only hope that James can still do the roadtrips if/when they have another go at it.

    98. Danish Hakeem

      Susan does look good !

    99. Danish Hakeem

      What would my life be without James Corden and the gang?

    100. Julio Preza Escobar

      You guys listened to us. This is the kind of content we want from the crew now that the audience is back