24 Blockbusters in 9 Minutes w/ Daniel Craig

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    James Corden and "No Time To Die" star Daniel Craig take us on a journey through 24 of Hollywood's biggest movies of all time, one scene at a time, all in 10 minutes. With special cameos from Christopher Lloyd and Geena Davis, watch as they recreate iconic moments from Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, King Kong, Speed, Fast & Furious, Grease, Back to the Future, Gone with the Wind, Pulp Fiction, The Exorcist, The Godfather, Gladiator, The Avengers, Jaws, Titanic, Avatar, E.T., Thelma & Louise, Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dirty Dancing and Daniel's last reprise of James Bond in "No Time To Die."

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    1. Bettina Bismark


    2. chiou ling yeo

      Great show 👍🏻

    3. ベルママ


    4. Nuno Jesus

      Why is Rick Sanchez interrupting the Back to the future skit?!

    5. Katie neves

      Daniel's giggles make it so much funnier I love him 🥺🥺🥺 😂

    6. Victor Reyes

      This was increíble

    7. SPORT2932

      So funny. Daniel's giggles were hilarious, especiallyright after Dirty Dancing. I didn't understand the Batman one cuz I didn't see that. What is James saying?

    8. Qxilla Note

      There should be a roll call too!

    9. Alex colmer

      This us funny

    10. Darth Vader

      Best James Bond of all time

    11. MJMX

      lol i love how they skipped quantum

    12. Tilda Kärrbrink

      Was i the only one that notised that Daniel were almost whispering the words as james and Christopher were saying their lines lol.

    13. liani salsah

      I was sad, when he said for the last time my name is Bond, James Bond....we are gonna Miss you

    14. Rossangélica Peralta Parra

      Daniel Craig's giggles gave me serotonin

    15. Feris Yunos

      They forgot Quantum of Solace. 😂

    16. T3 Productions


    17. T3 Productions

      Is this like his first show in a while? I realized he'd been missing


      Love you bond❤❤❤❤❤ Love from India

    19. A Buie

      I told u...wait, what did I tell u? 😂😂😂 I love him.

    20. Merryl Reeves

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    21. LUCAS A ♪

      Reggie Watts's band need to record a full version of the Bond theme. That sounded great at the end

    22. Ethan Israeli

      Brilliant just brilliant! Daniel Craig was the Best Bond in my opinion! We will miss u man

    23. Unique Simplify

      Daniel followed Pierce Brosnan's style

    24. Jen Cat

      This must‘ve been so fuuunn do make!

    25. mace portier

      Did they skip Quantum of Solace on purpose?😏

    26. MostaVa

      this was the best speedrun I've ever watched 😂❤

    27. Christophe Giraud

      It's so good to see Daniel Craig in a different character than Bond :) I guess he would like to play in actual theaters now that he worked for so many years in the movie industry. Will James Corden be the next James Bond ? 😁

    28. Madai Valencia

      Best work of Daniel Craig

    29. Jordana Brasileira

      Haha loved this so much! Amazing

    30. paolo loren


    31. AGGY.79 CZ.


    32. DG FANZzz

      The back to the future parody’s are always awesome

    33. BH Chen

      Geena Davis omg... Gorgeous still

    34. Ludens Regis Lucis Caelum

      Why they did not portray Quantum of Solace?

    35. Ignacio Muñoz

      I’m gonna miss this guy so much

    36. DeathHeart999

      Soon as Doc walkedd on i felt like a kid again grinning ear to ear

    37. HY Gallardo Carrera


    38. The Dab King

      We all knew the last ones were coming lol. This is so amazing. Daniel is an incredible person. What a man!

    39. Samantha KL

      Lol loved the ET bit!! Haha I loved the whole thing but that was gold lol

    40. Shaivi Meena

      Am I the only one that thought James in the white wig was impersonating Gojo Satoru?

    41. Walt Locke

      I'm at 1:24 and I've already lost it 😂 Edited: Yep!! I was right! This was damn hilarious 😂! To me by far the most entertaining one!!! I had a blast and Craig giggles made it even better!! 🤣

    42. Fatian Berisha

      Fast and Furious: Family. Family. Family and cars.

    43. Comic Amino Official Channel

      Wait did they forget Quantum of Solace?

    44. trumsolon

      That segue from Lord Of The Rings to Dirty Dancing xD

    45. Sadiq Basha

      Wow he is so funny more then I think ..

    46. Lu Jack

      They ignore quantum of solace

    47. IT'SFABYE

      I love it 😂, such a great show!

    48. Madison S

      I'm going to miss him as James Bond, but I'm very excited to see where Daniel goes next with his career! He's such a phenomenal actor and seems like such a genuine and nice person, I'll definitely continue to watch anything he stars in!

    49. Andrini Kusumawardhani

      I love thIs video. Thx double James. 😄😄😄

    50. Toni Pedić

      Craig should been saying my name is" Blond James Blond"

    51. Jeremiah Goff


    52. Dawn Boris


    53. 50sRockChick

      haha - there's quite a lot of room on that. :) This whole thing was very funny 😁

    54. guli

      thank you daniel u really are one of a kind , thank you for everything

    55. Costea Tiurin

      I love the fact they skipped quantum of solace

    56. pyke

      Daniel should have played a stormtrooper and James played as Rey in the Star Wars scene! What missed oportunity!!!

    57. Tyler Castaneda

      Love how they just skipped Quantum of Solace

    58. Marty Hudson

      I thought he died in his last movie

    59. Vella

      I love Daniel!!!! He's middle age but he's so cute, I can't.

    60. Allan Jensen

      Loooove Everyone for doing this ❤️

    61. Natya Brahmastika

      Shaken not stirr, thankyou mr bond daniel craig

    62. Abby

      I was hoping to hear "Great Scott!" for back to the future😂😂. It was great tho

    63. Yesa Kristiandono

      He passes the toy gun properly. Wow

    64. Daniel Dravot

      What a good sport! I wish him nothing but the best . . .

    65. Scott Hanson

      Bravo Daniel Craig and James Gordon this was such a delight. The cameos and the execution in this Mashup of films was awesome . The only emojis to sum up my feelings. 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️🙂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    66. rg te

      Can't stop smiling. Daniel Craig 😍

    67. Kalvin Ang

      Daniel Craig should consider doing comedy, he quite good!

    68. Elise Gillis

      Daniel Craig is literally the most adorable human being 🥰😌

    69. ko on

      Casino royale the best

    70. D N

      I really appreciate this!!! Daniel and James did a very great job, as well as the crew👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    71. Lawrence Kin

      It's cool to see the comedic side of Daniel Craig..

    72. Christina L Williams

      Daniel Craig being able to jump into things and not take himself too seriously is the reason why he's great at what he does. He's just all around fun and that's the way to be an artist.

    73. Captain Sameer

      This act deserve to nominate The oscers😂😂

    74. Jose Pablo Anleu

      extremely epic!

    75. Anonymous

      for the family got me hahaha

    76. Candy Yesenia Muñoz León

      It was super fun to watch ... Both are incredibly talented ... 😍😍😍😍😍

    77. Luciano Spalla


    78. Erica Evans

      The dinosaur crew member stole the show

    79. Avishka Ravindu

    80. Mariela García

      You were both (Daniel and James) Absolutely wonderful and delightful! Great cameos! Geena and Christopher 👌🏼🙌🏼👏🏻 the ones and only!

      1. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

        I have loved seeing a different side of Daniel Craig in the last 2 years: he was brilliant in Knives Out and I want to see move of him in!

    81. Marcela Antonio


    82. Ryan Kenobi

      I never tough he is so a nice guy

    83. Rebecca Ferguson

      Are they just ignoring quantum of solace at this point 😂💀

    84. Francesco Dellamorte

      Daniel craig was considered for the role of Thor in Mcu instead of Hamsworth...in the end he played Thor in this sketch

    85. sharkygirl100

      Awesome 👏😍😂👏

    86. Gladiator 1😎


    87. Gladiator 1😎


    88. kimberly vinculado

      Wow when he did Harry Potter he almost Daniel Radcliffe this is funny I love it.

    89. Road Beauty

      Loved this!!!

    90. Ice Cake

      2:41 Gojo Satoru ?Yuji ?😳🤔

    91. George Salgado

      "The name's Bond....James Bond." Damn right it is. Thank you Daniel.


      Daniel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️my crush forever 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

    93. Sienna May

      I'm thinking about the prop team. They did a great job too!

      1. Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

        hraero.info/contact/l4ygk6aWlb_Vkcg/video I have loved seeing a different side of Daniel Craig in the last 2 years: he was brilliant in Knives Out and I want to see move of him in!

    94. wymorr

      Mega Cool + Funny !!!

    95. Zdenka G

      That made my day🤣

    96. Sofie Whatevs

      I watched No Time To Die in the movie theater and I wanna watch is again so bad!!!

    97. The_PeLL

      That’s was awesome

    98. Tsholo Nkosi

      Wow just wow, this takes a lot to do as an actor