Daniel Craig's Advice for the Next Bond

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    James chats with "No Time To Die" stars Daniel Craig and Rami Malek, and Rami shares he didn't have to consider accepting a role as the film's villain - it was an instant yes. And Daniel talks about his approach at trying to evolve his portrayal of James Bond over five films before James asks him about what advice he has for the next person to be cast as 007. After, Daniel remembers his early days on the stage when students would throw candy at him (that he ate).

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    1. DJ Knox

      You know Corden is like the critics - he gets most everything backwards. Yes Craig has been a fantastic Bond, but No Time to Die is flat out one of the worse Bond films. And although Rami Malek had the potential to be a great villain, somehow he missed the mark... probably due to bad screenwriting or directing.

    2. Zeljko Karadzic

      Daniel,you will be missed

    3. حليم مصطفى

      Hello,.. We love❤Mr. Daniel Craig's 🏍.. ..I pray for God to spread his peace and blessing upon all of you and your families❤...Ameen🤲...

    4. Jesse Thompson

      Nobody can play Bond better then the other Bond actors!! Daniel Craig: hold my beer

    5. djdocstrange

      Him and Ruth who??!? 😂

    6. Reggie Nixx

      Tom holland said he wanted to play the next james bond

    7. Money Maker

      He was the best James Bond ever

    8. TehSpazzmaster

      I hate James corden.

    9. Sam Wilson

      I love all Bonds, a real Bond lovers does. They are all great actors and Bonds. Glad to see this one leave; now on to a new one. I love Daniel Craig, but we need more action and a young one; I say that because all Bonds have to go; Craig did great, but I watched them all go; and now on to the next one. Good Luck Daniel I loved you in Tomb Raider as well. My favorite Bond of all was 007 Roger Moore; of course. I love them all! I love all Movies. My favorite Bond girl were: The Spy Who Loved Me, portrayed by Barbara Bach); Jane Seymour, Kim Basinger, Maud Adams. I love all songs. my favorite James bond movies are all of Roger moore, and the ones with my favorite bond girls in them; but I love them all.

    10. Daniele Di Lorenzo


    11. Daniele Di Lorenzo


    12. Daniele Di Lorenzo

      hraero.info/contact/t4F2raSnx8yTm6o/video .... hraero.info/contact/qW-FyZx6tr7Dytg/video

    13. Daniele Di Lorenzo

      james te mangi gli omogenizzati ancora?

    14. Daniele Di Lorenzo


    15. SoulMass

      He was Bond for 12 years. Im sure we all adjusted to blonde Bond easily. However, we will never accept a BLACK and FEMALE Bond.. and no, a "two-year-old" cannot hold the title of 007 either. Lefties have to stop destroying every good franchise.

    16. Repent to Jesus Christ

      Repent to Jesus Christ!! “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭17:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    17. Putins Cat

      Craig: "Well, probably not a good idea to have your predecessor kill off the main character.."

    18. Grand Lennon

      Thank you Dan...

    19. Sukai Penn

      Enjoying🧕😷 peace 💎and😁 Blessings 🤲🍋

    20. J Z

      Advice to the next bond - “don’t be black”

    21. Testa

      I wish they wouldn't call it a franchise, makes me think they are more focused on the money and profit.

    22. Unicorn Evil

      Bless you both for being.

    23. Alex 35

      Maybe the next Bond actor should make sure he reads the script to see if it makes an incredibly bad decision about the ending,as was made in No Time To Die.It was a huge mistake.

    24. Anita S. Cervantes

      Daniel Craig was a fantastic James Bond👍

    25. Wiz Ruby

      Nobody, can beat Pierce Brosnan

    26. Javier Sds

      For anyone who hasn't watched it yet: don't go. It's not worth it.

    27. Gil Balfas

      Daniel Craig wasn't tall enough or good looking enough but he was cool enough and his acting was so good he is up there with Connery, Moore, Brosnan...marvellous post modern Bond. Bravo Sir Craig!!

    28. Faris Hazim

      N-word @ 3:10

    29. Peter Engel Svensson

      I thinks it is so sad for Rami to be the villain. I think he would make for a great bond.



    31. Alvaro Gonzalez

      I really like Bob Morley to be next Bond

    32. Desirée Miranda

      Daniel Craig is The best Bond ever!

    33. Daud Parhusip

      Best 007 EVER

    34. Madhu

      i am so confuse how is he alive?

    35. Lewis

      Bond is dead though?? Can't have another bond. So it gots to be remakes or a reboot again

    36. Sai Krishna

      Then: Omar Shariff Now: Rami Mallick

    37. Spectre

      Most of the movie critics and fans booed when DC choosen for 'Casino Royale'. Rest is history 🔥

    38. Uri Nation

      Ramy was sh!t

    39. Dev Dose

      I am thinking if Idris Elba, acted next James Bond ,film ,that will be owsome ,mate

    40. MrMelgibstein

      Daniel Craig might go to gay bars but he is straight because he's married.

    41. Allagí

      I was one of those persons that was unhappy when Craig got the job. Boy did he prove me wrong. "Skyfall" is my favorite of all the Bond films, period.

    42. Doug Seymour

      Tom hardy has my vote for the next bond!!

    43. Martine Shamzin

      I think this was a chick flick. It should have been called Jane Bond.

    44. Brux

      Unfortunately I think they won't pick the next bond on anything other then what diversity quota they can fill to keep people happy, ill eat my hat if he's not black and either bi or gay.

    45. deboisblanc

      Best Bond ever

    46. Aryan Dutta

      Thank you Mr. Craig You've done beautifully,!!

    47. Martine Shamzin

      To anyone who actually liked the previous films, don't see this one. First of all, James Bond dies at the end of the film. Second of all, there is this black chick who is 007, and every bit overshadowing him. Who wants a Bond movie when Bond doesn't outclass everyone else. On top of that, Bond sort of goes oof and woke. Even his wardrobe is casual, and crappy. he wears courderoy! AVOID!

    48. Christian Samson

      Best bond of the current era you did us all proud with the way you played bond none will ever touch you when it comes to bond thank you Daniel Craig

      1. Martine Shamzin

        I thought the first two films were pretty good. The third one was losing steam, this one was terrible.

    49. CC Carignan

      I loved them both

    50. ruxy n


    51. Maida Lynn Jaguit


    52. Maida Lynn Jaguit


    53. Amine Moughanime


    54. Daniel A

      That purple suit though...

    55. Roman Glomb

      i think donald glover would be a good choice as the next Bond. you would totally believe him getting all the girls and saving the world without spilling his drink ;-D

      1. Martine Shamzin

        Its so weird. What is it about white men that liberals hate so much?

    56. Paul Shepherd

      The Best Bond. Simple as that. Played with grit and realism.... but still kept the Bond fantasy and trademarks alive and well.

    57. BItches

      Ruth N*^^a??

    58. Heene

      What channel is this on? They should be social distancing. Compare this to them on Graham Norton.

    59. John Dee

      When will this English fool Corden get off American tv??

    60. Gary theNPC

      Didn't this guy only get two bond movies?

      1. Martine Shamzin

        He got four. Two were actually good. Third one was medium, this one sucked.

    61. Tokyo997

      Daniel Craig was another great Bond. He seems to find it hard to look at anyone when he’s responding to a question…..

    62. VishiVish01

      Dude is dressed sharp as hell.

    63. Brad 0212

      Watched the film in the VUE bowling very sad ending but he’s been amazing and the movie was amazing as well done Daniel Craig well done you’ve been amazing 🙂👍

    64. Suhani Sheth

      Niall Horan should be next James Bond there I said and ill say it again

    65. KierMac

      I can’t believe he dies at the end 😢

    66. topguN

      My advice: Dont be a woman

    67. Nova Sky

      I remember he was too young too blonde too skinny to be bond according to the media then we all saw casino royale and he emerged from the ocean like a male ursala then stood over that guy with a silenced submachinegun in his hand and suddenly he was Considerably, the most Bond like bond to don a tuxedo since connery.

    68. Bruno Desrosiers

      Can someone explain where this British love (passion, I shall say) for purple is coming from? And congrats to Daniel Craig on his overall outstanding performance as 007!

    69. King4all

      Daniel Craig has raised the “James Bond” character so high that the next Bond would have to work twice as hard as him.

    70. Noz Islam

      Always felt like he hated playing Bond

    71. Guide504

      I like mr layer cake....but tall dark and handsome he is not and that was the issue james corden you utterly obsequious coward.

    72. Michael Hernandez

      Don't let it be a woman

    73. DJGreatFood

      Bonds dead😠 Thanks Daniel😰

    74. jonathanrex

      Great actors, but this Bond movie unfortunately was a huge disappointment. A woke Bond operating on women quota makes him look silly. It just doesn't work with Bond movies.

    75. adamishaw

      Will it be Henry Cavill next?

    76. MARTIN

      There cant be a next Bond because they killed him off THE END .

    77. Kingdom Mindset.

      You will be miss mr Craig. ShiftingSeason21

    78. Bernard Dee

      Tom Hardy should do the roll next he would be great

    79. Michael Hollender

      Sorry, Ruth who?

    80. Flying Wings

      Mr Robot: We are an anonyumus.

    81. EGOPEN ?

      Am i only wrong or bond,"character"s itself didnt die? How could will be new bond movie if character died?

    82. Bri Khamp

      I think Richard Madden from Game of Thrones and upcoming Eternals would be a GREATTTT new Bond. He’s somewhere in between Conary and Pierce.

    83. FoodforThought

      Ruth who???? CORDEN CANCELLED 3:08

    84. T Brinkmann

      I want The Hoff to be the next Bond. He's got the right car, too!

    85. Rob Lucchetti

      I remember the "anti-blonde Bond" BS - glad to see Daniel has done the role proud. I mean, hell, he won't get "Lazenby'ed"

    86. Worlds Fastest Slovak

      Connery 1 Craig 2 Everyone else…….I don’t care! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🤔

    87. simon p

      Is should be a non white none straight person

    88. Ruth McIlmoyle

      This was my favourite Bond film so far as the most respectful and mindful of women

    89. S Khare

      Tom Hardy would be best to play next Bond.. Idris Elba is another option but his age will matter..

    90. Naki Nak

      Artist without any characteristic of the artist!

    91. Momcilo Lukovic

      1. Skyfall 2. Casino Royale 3. No time do die 4. Spectre 5. Quantum of Solace

    92. Charles Balter

      Daniel Craig was never James Bond, to me. ‘Casino Royale’ was alright, but that was more to do with the director. Craig spent five bloated movies killing James Bond. James Bond is dead. The “next” James Bond is bound to be, “What if we make James Bond (insert sex/gender/race/sexuality) and we have the character be... well, nothing like the actual character? Wouldn’t that be so cool?” It will get praised for being so “woke” and “progressive” when it’s really just mainstream, group-think, corporate, derivative trash. Daniel Craig achieved something spectacular: he made me miss Pierce Brosnan. Now, there’s an accomplishment.

    93. joseph just me

      next James Bond-Henry Cavil🙏

    94. pieknyborys

      Jason Statham...next bond

    95. 50sRockChick

      Best Bond ever IMO. I love him so much. :)

    96. Nader Noor

      No doubts he raised the bar. Greatest of all time. Jason stathum , Henry cavil or Tom Hardy those should be the candidate

    97. angan deori

      Thank you Craig

    98. Eric Daniels

      The studio could have easy dyed Daniels' hair black to appease the nay Sayers but they stuck to their guns...and good on them for doing so.

    99. Marlon King

      Been a good set of films, a different take on Bond, but not sure he has been my favourite Bond, and I mean no disrespect in that. I would certainly like to see the franchise take a change down a notch, younger, happier Bond, on some more smaller missions rather than world domination each time. thats my ten pence.